System Associate Message

I bow my head with all humility before Allah Almighty for providing me an opportunity to establish my most dreamt institution that will In Shaa Allah nurture the latent potentials of the children of my class and area which will surely help to eradicate the intellectual and socio cultural remoteness simultaneously.

Education is a process of providing desirable knowledge and experience to a child to develop his inner powers to an extent that he is able to lead a worthwhile life in this world and become self-reliant as well as selfless. The Education plays a greater role in shaping up a society and modifying the personality of an individual according to the needs and demand of the society.

Keeping all above in view, an institution with state of art facilities and a vibrantly skilled instructionship has been established under the auspices of FORCES SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SYSTEM with a hope, an endeavor and a passion to emulate the formative objectives of education that are easily accessible to all. May this bit of our effort help us contributing towards a prosperous PAKISTAN by educating our youths to mark the distinctions in every field.

May Allah guide us towards all success- Ameen.